What does Google’s new Android TV feature look like?

What does Google’s new Android TV feature look like?

In a major move that is likely to make many of us jealous, Google has announced that it is introducing an Android TV service, in which users can stream movies and television shows.

The feature, called Android TV, is part of Google’s efforts to broaden its Android TV offering.

In order to make the new service as available as possible, Google is offering users an Android device, which will allow them to access apps and services on it.

This will allow users to watch TV shows, movies and other content on the Android TV box, and the service will also allow them access to apps like Google Play Movies, YouTube, and other popular apps.

Google’s announcement comes as Google’s Android TV app is set to launch in the US this week, following a long wait.

Android TV will launch in Australia in late October.

Google is also looking to expand the Android app offering, with the company also adding Android TV-specific content, including access to the app’s original TV shows and movies.

Android TV will be available for $14.99 a month.

Google will also be launching a free-to-play Android TV version of its Android apps, called Play Movies Unlimited.

This service will allow you to watch all the original movies and TV shows that you already own, with no subscription required.

This means that you could watch all of the latest, greatest, and greatest TV shows you have on your Android phone or tablet, and it would not require you to subscribe to any of the aforementioned apps.

In a statement on Google’s website, Google said:We’re thrilled to finally offer a streaming Android TV experience for people who love watching original content and want to get the best of Android.

We’re excited to add new TV content, as well as make our Android TV streaming experience even better.


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