ABC News: Is Snapchat really the answer for social media?

ABC News: Is Snapchat really the answer for social media?

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — If you think social media is a dead end, wait until you hear this: It’s not.

The social media company Snapchat, owned by Facebook, has seen an influx of new users and a surge in revenue, despite its new Snapchat Stories feature that offers users a way to share photos and videos of themselves.

Its also been an easy target for advertisers who have seen Snapchat’s growth stall after it began to lose its social media appeal.

It’s a problem that many marketers and marketers, especially in emerging markets, face.

“I think they’re all facing this same thing,” said Nick Hensley, president of Hensleys Social Media Group in the Boston area.

“They want to be able to get back to the basics.

Snapchat has been such a huge success for them.”

“There’s a huge amount of demand for social and video,” said Michael Besser, head of digital marketing for the advertising agency DDB Partners.

Besser said Snapchat’s growing popularity among young people and teens is also fueling the growth of other social media players such as Instagram and Pinterest.

And there are other players looking to capitalize on Snapchat’s new-found popularity.

Snapchat’s new Stories feature allows users to post photos and video of themselves with their friends and followers.

Users can also upload and share content, including animated GIFs, photos and a variety of other content that includes memes and clips.

But the company isn’t the only player looking to cash in on Snapchat.

For years, Snapchat’s creators have been looking for ways to capitalize by tapping into the millions of young users it has created.

This year, Snapchat has already seen its social accounts grow to more than a billion users, a milestone it hasn’t reached since 2011.

There are already several Snapchat Stories-related businesses, including the new company called Snapchat Stories, a video app.

And its been a popular choice for advertisers.

On top of the new Snapchat feature, there is a Snapchat Stories social media team that will help the company tap into its growing user base.

Other players are looking to use Snapchat to reach their users with creative advertising, including Snapchat Stories partner AdMob.

AdMob is using Snapchat Stories to reach more than 7 million Snapchat users through Snapchat ads.

So far, AdMob has already paid Snapchat for ads that have gone viral on Snapchat and its other social channels.

AdMob will also use Snapchat Stories in its ad campaigns. 

AdMob, which has been in business for about four years, is now targeting young users to help it reach more users.

The company’s first Snapchat Stories video, for example, has already garnered more than 500,000 views on Snapchat, according to AdMob Chief Executive Robby Mook.

At a time when Snapchat’s popularity has been declining, AdMob’s new Snapchat story has drawn the most ad revenue of any Snapchat Story in the past five years.

In fact, Snapchat Stories revenue was up more than 20% this year over last year.

AdMubl is also using Snapchat as a way of getting in front of younger users, with ads that include “real-time conversations” that feature teenagers talking about their interests and activities.

Many other companies, including Facebook and Google, are also looking to tap into Snapchat’s rapidly growing userbase.

Google has recently launched its own Snapchat Stories app, as well as its own ad agency Snapchat Stories.

And Snapchat is also looking at its growing users, which makes it an easy choice for companies looking to gain an edge in the social-media space.

A Snapchat spokeswoman declined to comment on AdMob’s efforts to reach Snapchat users.

With Snapchat Stories now rolling out, AdMechanics is now working with advertisers on Snapchat ads, the spokeswoman said.

AdMechans Facebook page is still up and running. 

And the company is still looking to reach younger users with Snapchat Stories ads, according a Snapchat spokeswoman.


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