How much does Instagram have to charge for hosting a photo?

How much does Instagram have to charge for hosting a photo?

On Wednesday, Instagram announced that its mobile app will now include a “Mobile Video Services” section for $4.99 per month, or $1.99 for three months.

The feature is available on both Android and iOS, and will be enabled by default.

It’s a welcome addition to Instagram’s video-sharing service, but it’s not clear how much it will add to the app’s user base.

“Mobile Video services are a new addition to the Instagram mobile app that enables users to upload videos, photos and other content to Instagram and share them with their friends and family, while they’re on the go,” Instagram said in a blog post announcing the change.

“This service is free for all users, but we charge for some usage and some features.

You will see the pricing and availability on the Mobile Video Services section in the app.

We have no plans to charge users more for this service at this time.”

It’s unclear what Instagram intends to charge, though it’s clear that users will be able to upload their own videos, and Instagram says that it will not monetize them through ad placement or other means.

Instagram’s “Mobile Videos Services” feature, which is not available on iOS and Android, allows users to “stream live video to your Instagram account for free.”

While the app is a major boost for Instagram’s mobile video service, it also appears to be a way for Instagram to avoid competition from video-streaming platforms like YouTube.

The company is one of the most prominent players in the video-sending space, having amassed more than 3 billion monthly video views.

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