Which is better: Liverpool or Southampton?

Which is better: Liverpool or Southampton?

A recent poll found that both the Reds and Saints were in contention to win the Premier League, but only Liverpool’s success in the Premier Cup was deemed as more impressive.

Here’s what you need to know…1.

Liverpool were the clear winners of the Premier league after winning six straight to claim a sixth successive titleThe Reds won six straight matches to reach the title in 2016-17, the longest such run in the top flight.

Liverpool went on to win their last two games of the campaign, with their only defeat coming at Arsenal in a friendly.

They have now won five of their last six Premier League games, while Southampton have also been in control of their own destiny.

However, Liverpool have only won one of their six home league matches against the south coast club, while Saints have won their last three against the north coast club.

Liverpool have only lost once at Anfield this season, in the defeat by Crystal Palace in the FA Cup.2.

Southampton’s season has been one of relative stability, but their form has been erraticA lot has changed for Southampton in 2017-18.

The Saints have gone from being unbeaten at home to being top of the table for the first time since November.

They won three games in a row before the end of March, but since then they have failed to win a single match.

Their recent form has not been as impressive, and they have only scored two goals in their last seven Premier League fixtures.

The Reds have lost just once in their five games against Southampton this season.3.

Southampton have a new manager, but they are still in a relegation battleThey are only a point behind Manchester United in the relegation zone after a four-game winning run, and are now two points behind their closest rivals, Manchester City.

Southampton remain in the race to avoid automatic relegation, although it is not as clear-cut as it was last season, when they were nine points off the top.4.

Liverpool’s title chances are still up in the airAlthough Liverpool’s form has dipped in recent weeks, they have a good chance of keeping their position, with a home game against Tottenham on Saturday having been a huge success for them.

Southampton, meanwhile, have only managed one victory against their two closest rivals.5.

The Premier League title will be decided in March, and Liverpool are the favouritesThe Premier League is one of the most competitive in the world, with each season featuring a new set of teams, and each of the top six sides will be battling it out for the title at some point this season: Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester United B, Arsenal and Manchester City are all battling it this season to secure the title.6.

The FA Cup semi-final is on the horizonThe FA Cup is a major tournament that every football club has to play in order to qualify for the Champions League, which will be played from June 23 to July 14, and will see both the top two teams in the league qualify for an extra $20 million in prize money.

There is no chance of a draw this season for the semi-finals, but both clubs will face each other at Wembley in June 2019, when Manchester United are set to play the winner of the FA cup semi-finals, while Chelsea will face off against Liverpool in the second leg.7.

Liverpool have been criticised for not winning enough matches in the Champions leagueThe Champions League is traditionally the most prestigious tournament in football, with the final between Liverpool and Manchester United being the highlight of the season.

It is the last major tournament for a club to enter without having won a trophy, with United’s win over Arsenal the only exception.

However, Liverpool were criticised by some of their fans for not being the better team at the last-16 stage, with Manchester United’s victory over Arsenal, and Southampton’s win against Arsenal.

In 2017-19, Liverpool finished in second place in the table, with nine points behind Manchester City, but fell out of the Europa League at the quarter-final stage.

The next round of matches will be held in May, but Liverpool have already lost two of their remaining matches, meaning they will not be able to compete in the semi finals.8.

Liverpool are still favourites for the Premier trophyDespite their poor form, Liverpool remain the top side in the division and have a strong chance of making the final.

However the Europa league will still be played in June, and the final will be on June 27.

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