NFL Players, coaches meet to talk contract, future of players’ union

NFL Players, coaches meet to talk contract, future of players’ union

NFL players, coaches and the NFLPA have met in New York City to discuss a tentative agreement to keep players’ wages.

The deal was reached after more than a week of negotiations.

The players were set to strike next month if the contract is not finalized by the end of the month.

Under the tentative deal, the players’ unions would agree to negotiate the new collective bargaining agreement between the league and players, which would be approved by owners in January, but not ratified by the union’s members.

The owners have until June 15 to ratify the agreement.

The owners have been lobbying hard to get the players to agree to a new deal that includes a new collective-bargaining agreement, which is a cornerstone of the union-player deal.

The tentative deal would not cover the union and the players, as the players have been trying to negotiate their own deal.

However, the NFL and the union are expected to agree on the terms of the new agreement.

Under an agreement between owners and players that the union would get $1.3 billion in cash from the league, which includes the salary cap and additional revenue from the sale of video-game rights.

The NFL and players want to get a new contract in place before the players begin their strike in mid-January.

The union has already said it will not strike until the union gets a new CBA and new CPA, which could take weeks.

If the owners approve the new CAB, the next step would be to ratifying the agreement that the players are negotiating with the union.

The league will hold a vote at the end, likely on April 14, on the CBA, but the players would still need to approve the agreement before that vote.

The agreement would set minimum wages for players and the number of games they can play, but there are still questions about how much money the players will get.

The players are demanding an increase in their base pay, which has been around $15,000 a year, an increase they say is not enough to live on.

Under a tentative deal the players could get $10,000, which they would not get if they do not agree to the new contract.

The contract also would set limits on the number and size of video games players can play.

The minimum number of video game games players in the NFL would be set to three.

The sides are expected at this meeting to discuss other issues, including the future of the players union, the possibility of a new labor deal and how the union can negotiate new contracts.

The union is also expected to vote on whether to accept a new $1 million salary cap for players.

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