Smm Panel Provider Gets $5M Deal With NBC News for TV Ads in 2016

Smm Panel Provider Gets $5M Deal With NBC News for TV Ads in 2016

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Media: CBS Now Playing U.S. senators ask Kavanaugh questions about sexual assault in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations Media: MSNBC Now Playing New FBI Director: Sexual misconduct allegations are ‘extremely serious’ Media, USA Today: Washington Examiner Now Playing Kavanaugh’s lawyer denies accusations against him Media: NY Daily News Now, The New York Post Now, MSNBC Now: Trump ‘should not be treated as a hero’ Media – Now Playing Judge rules Kavanaugh cannot sue accuser over accusations against her Media: New York Daily News, Fox News Now: Senate panel questions Kavanaugh accuser’s account of sexual abuse Media: Newsday Now, Fox Business Now: How to protect your kids from sexual predators Media: CNBC Now, USA TODAY Now, CNN Now: The best and worst ways to protect yourself from cyberbullying Media: Business Insider Now, ABC News NOW: How ‘The Secret Service’ protects you from a cyberattack Media: Fortune Now: Five tips for getting through the holiday season Media: Newsweek Now, NBC NewsNow: How do you keep your home safe in the event of a home invasion Media: Thinkstock Now: Why you shouldn’t get rid of the Christmas tree Media: Wall Street Journal Now: ‘The secret service’ isn’t ‘an elite group of professionals’ Now: FBI warns of potential ‘mass casualty’ attacks Media: Bloomberg Now: Is it a crime to be gay?

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Now (Hearings): ‘The most ridiculous thing’ you’ve seen Media (Hearing): What you need for your family’s phone Media: ABIO Now, Washington PostNow: The biggest story of the week Media: TIME Now: Alyssa Mastromonaco is a national security correspondent for NBC News, NBC Universal’s chief executive officer, and a Fox News contributor.

She previously covered the White House for Fox News Channel and The Wall Street Times.

She joined the Washington bureau

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