What to know about Snapchat’s instagram-like photo-sharing app

What to know about Snapchat’s instagram-like photo-sharing app

Posted January 27, 2018 05:09:40The Snapchat app is already a hit for celebrities and their fans, but now it’s going to get even better.

The social media app is getting a new photo-stacking feature that lets users share photos and videos across their account and to others who are using Snapchat as well.

The new feature is currently available in the iOS and Android apps, but it is expected to roll out to the desktop version of the app later this year.

While most people are probably familiar with the Snapchat-like features that the app has for photos, videos and text, there’s one feature that most people don’t know about.

That feature is its Instagram-esque photo-collage feature.

Instagram’s photo-tagging feature is similar to Snapchat’s, but instead of tagging a picture, you can tag multiple pictures or videos.

This lets you tag photos from different Instagram accounts, and if you share photos with multiple people in one app, the pictures are automatically tagged in a way that’s similar to the Snapchat experience.

The Instagram photo- tagging feature can be set to allow the tagging of photos from all accounts in the Instagram app.

For example, if you’re sharing photos from your Snapchat account, but also want to share them to your Instagram account, you’ll be able to set this feature to allow it.

You’ll need to be logged into the Instagram account on which you want to tag your photos, and then you’ll need the Instagram Photo-Tagging app installed.

The Snapchat Instagram photo tagging features will only work if you have a Snapshot account in both apps.

Snapchat’s Instagram photo tagging features require that you also have an Instagram photo profile in each app.

The Facebook-owned app is a little more advanced than Instagram.

Instagram is essentially just a feed for sharing photos with friends, while Snapchat uses a much broader platform for sharing images.

Facebook will allow its Instagram app to use Instagram-like Instagram tagging features, but Instagram will have to go the Instagram route and use Facebook’s own Instagram-Like feature.

For now, Instagram-style tagging works with photos that are shared on Facebook, and it will work with photos shared on Snapchat as long as they are tagged to a Snapchat account.

Snapchat Instagram- Like feature won’t work on photos that you’ve tagged to Facebook.

You will still be able, however, to tag photos to your Snapchat accounts that you have tagged to Instagram.

For users who have opted in for Snapchat-style Instagram tagging in the Facebook app, there will be no longer be a need to do anything else to use the Snapchat Instagram Photo Stacking feature.

Users who haven’t opted in to Snapchat Instagram photos will still have to use Facebook to tag the photos.

For Snapchat users, the Instagram photo tags will only apply to photos that have been shared to the Instagram Instagram Photo InstaTag feature.

Instagram-InstaTag will only be used for photos that were tagged to an Instagram account.


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