Which provider are you using?

Which provider are you using?

The Reuters news service said in a report on Wednesday that Microsoft, Huawei, Nokia, LG, Sony and Samsung were the three major providers of cloud services to businesses and governments.

The report did not identify which of the firms provided the services to which Reuters spoke.

The report comes as some firms including Cisco Systems and Cisco are expanding their cloud services.

The Reuters report also cited unidentified sources saying the government would use cloud services as part of its IT strategy.

It said Microsoft and Huawei were likely to be among the providers that Microsoft and Google use to deliver cloud services but did not specify which company.

The company said in February that it would create a new cloud platform to handle government use cases.

Microsoft is the leading provider of cloud servers, cloud computing, and virtualization services for government, private and enterprise customers.

Google, Huawei and LG are also among the largest cloud providers in the US.

Microsoft, Google and Huawei have been using the Cloud Native Computing Initiative (CNCI) program to deliver data and applications to customers in the cloud.CNCIs are designed to accelerate the deployment of cloud-based computing and to enable rapid adoption of new cloud technologies.

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