Why Samsung might have to shut down its SMM API provider for the sake of battery life

Why Samsung might have to shut down its SMM API provider for the sake of battery life

The company may need to shut off its SMMC API provider because it is not providing enough battery life data to be able to deliver more bang for the buck, a recent analysis by security firm Trend Micro found.

As it stands, Samsung has only provided aggregate battery performance data to third parties.

That means that Samsung has not provided any information on the performance of its own devices.

That data is used to inform device manufacturers to provide more detailed battery life reports.

As a result, Trend Micro noted that Samsung is not being able to provide a complete battery performance score.

This means that it is providing aggregate data that does not take into account the actual performance of the device.

While Samsung does not provide aggregate battery data for all smartphones, its SMC API has provided aggregate data for smartphones.

The company provided a battery score for its devices in April, and it will be available to the public for the first time in September.

That score is based on three components, the number of hours the device has been charged and how long it has been in standby mode.

Samsung has also not provided aggregate information on its own smartphones, and its SMCM API has not been updated to support more detailed metrics for the battery.

That’s because the company’s batteries are still only being tested on Samsung phones and not those of other smartphone makers.

While this may be a concern for some, it’s important to note that Samsung’s battery score does not tell the whole story.

Samsung is the only company that provides battery data directly to third-party developers, so this data should be accurate for the majority of consumers.

Samsung’s SMM APIs are not used by all Android phone makers, and only a few are using them for the time being.

Samsung is working to bring the SMM and SMMC APIs to all Android devices, including Samsung Galaxy phones, as well as other Android phones.

As we have reported, Samsung is working on the implementation of a new API that will allow third-parties to provide battery metrics directly to Samsung.


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