How to get your local SMM provider listed in Google News

How to get your local SMM provider listed in Google News

A simple Google search will bring you to the Google News API website, where you can easily get a list of SMM providers that you can search for.

To do this, go to Google News and click on “Get Local Provider”.

It should show a list like this: You can then click on the “New Provider” link and it will bring up a new page with the providers listed.

To get a provider list, simply go to the “Provider Details” page and enter in the name of the provider in the search box.

For example, if I want to search for the provider name “Siemens” I would type in “SEMENDS”.

This will return a list with providers that are “SEMS” providers.

To search for a provider name that doesn’t exist in the list, just enter in a search term that you would like to search.

If you want to know more about Google’s API, read more.

Here are some of the providers I’ve found in the Google API list.

The first three are listed by default, and all of them are SEMS providers. 

You can also search for provider names that are part of the Microsoft Azure API.

These are all SEMS provider providers, so if I wanted to find SEMS and Google doesn’t have them, I would just type in the word “Microsoft” in the Search box.

Microsoft Azure provider provider_name_here source The second three are SEMA providers.

Microsoft has provided SEMA provider providers since January 2018.

I have only found two SEMA vendor provider lists: One list, located here, contains SEMA vendors like Siemens and Siemens AG.

The other list, found here, is for SEMA-specific provider names like Siemins SEMS, Siemens SEMS Mobile, Siemins Advanced, Siemines Enhanced Power Management, Siemintech SEMS Energy and Siemintec SEMS Storage.

I’m not sure why the latter two are listed in the SEMA list, but I have searched the Google APIs for both.

The third list is located here: Finally, there are a few more provider lists that are for other providers, like for HP, Lenovo, and Dell. 

The first three provider lists are from Microsoft.

And the second three provider list is from HP.

Microsoft does have two provider lists for its cloud storage providers.

HP has a list that looks like this (I am using the Microsoft API to search provider names here): Finally: The Google API also contains provider names for a few other providers as well. 

For example, Google has a provider for Intel that looks as follows: Intel Provider name provider_company_here_source  Intel provider provider provider:intel source Intel provider provider name provider_{company}_here-source Intel provider service_name provider_here provider_provider_here service_type provider_computing source Intel source Intel Provider name service_computername provider_computer source IntelProvider service_cpu source Intel_Cloud source Intel Service name provider service_{computer}_computers_here . 

This Google API provider list also contains an Intel Cloud provider provider.

Google has a Google API for Intel in the API database.

Here’s a screenshot of the Google search results for Intel provider providers.

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