The best Instagram app in India

The best Instagram app in India

On a busy Monday, the top-rated Instagram app is an instant hit.

And, it’s not a surprise that, after a few months of growth, it is the top app for Indian adults.

It was the second consecutive day that Instagram app installed in India overtook WhatsApp to become the country’s top-ranked app.

According to data from market research firm Sensor Tower, Instagram is now installed in about 90 per cent of the Indian homes.

It is also the top paid app in the country.

According to the report, it was the top ranked app for a second consecutive session.

It has been downloaded more than 7 million times and the app is now the top downloaded app in every major Indian city.

Instagram is currently in second place with a 3.8 per cent share, behind only WhatsApp, which was downloaded 4.5 million times.

Its app has more than 3 billion monthly active users and is a global leader.

Its growth is driven by a new Instagram video tag.

Instagram users can now upload videos to Instagram that are shared by friends on social media and have an embedded photo.

In an effort to reach more Indians, Instagram launched a video tag called ‘Instagram Stories’ in April, making it easy to share photos from your camera roll.

The tag lets users tag posts they like and share them to their Instagram followers.

Instructional videos and photo galleries can also be posted by users to share their Instagram experience with other Instagram users.

The number of Instagram users has surged in the past few months.

It is now more than 70 million users.

It was more than 60 million in the last quarter of 2016.

The Instagram Stories tag is also an excellent way to share experiences that are already popular on the platform.

Instagram launched the feature in April to help users keep track of their Instagram stories.

“Instagram Story is a way to capture stories from your Instagram Stories that are trending across Instagram,” the app says.

“You can then share them with your followers via Instagram Stories.”

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